Rain Rain Go Away

Surprise surprise, it’s another rainy day in Chapel Hill and while I love these kind of days when it’s the weekend and I can netflix binge with my dood (Riggins), they’re not my favorite when I’m getting ready for date night.

This particular outfit is classy, chic, rain resistant, and best of all, comfy, for rainy date nights with Alex.

My mom got me this jacket close to 6 years ago, while I resisted wearing it for the longest time, I finally came to the conclusion that if I’m old enough to wear pointed toe heels (which I’ve been doing a lot of lately), than I’m most definitely old enough for a burberry trench, and I LOVE it. I’m kind of angry at myself for waiting so long to pop the tags. Since it’s so old, I couldn’t find the actual one, but I’ve linked a similar one below!

These leggings are super cozy, less than $20.00, and work just as well as those you’ll find well over $100.

I chose pointed pumps–providing a polished, more dressy look, but I could have easily dressed  down with a pair of converse.  I’ve also linked a few other options that I’m lusting over at the moment.

While the rain can put a damper on some things, I won’t let it ruin a good date night!

As for now, no date planned on this rainy day, but there will be a lot of netflixing and snuggling with Riggins.

Thanks for reading, I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I know the Tar Heels did! 😉









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Rachel Zoe Shoe | Tory Slip-ons (40% off-YAY!) | BANGS | Miu Miu

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Wild Weekend

Happy Friday everyone!!! It’s homecoming weekend in Blue Heaven, and that means lots of work for this cheerleader, but also SO much fun in store! The number of alumni that have returned to help us cheer on our football team tomorrow (and take the victory bell back from DOOK–again) is absolutely amazing.  I am so incredibly blessed, and quite frankly, still in awe that I attend such an awesome university.

*insert breathe taken away every so often walking around campus*

Since Alex graduates in December and I only have one semester left, we made it our goal to try new places as often as possible. Better late than never right? My new favorite coffee place is the Tiger room, which is attached to a renovated train car turned into a restaurant called the Southern Rail.  There’s also a third area of the building which is the bar.  Needless to say, this one building has history, food and fun, all in one place. What more could you ask for?

Anticipating a wild weekend catching up with old friends, and having fun, I decided it was time to dig out the animal print and leather for this post. It’s great for brunch on the train, or for the bar next door post-game tomorrow night.  And these boots don’t have too high of a heel, which means I won’t be in pain by the end of a night of celebrating. Can you say winning??

Also, this top is under $20, and it’s one of my absolute favorite’s this fall.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and maybe a little wild too!








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Military Style

This military-inspired jacket may be from last season, but it will never go out of style!  The gold-button details, and mid-thigh length make it super easy to dress down like I’ve done here, or dress it up with tights and pumps!

I got my sweater from AllSaints and it’s a staple that I’ll wear time and time again through fall and winter.  It’s super chunky, and oh-so comfy with its built-in scarf!

As for my suede booties, they aren’t the best to wear in the rain, like it has been here in Chapel Hill for the last 4 days (ugh, I’m not bitter at all…), but they’re perfect for any dry fall outings. They’re stretchy, and not too high!

I’m so incredibly thankful for the men and women that protect our country, our freedoms, and give me the ability to not only express myself through my outfits and this blog, but I’m also thankful for the fashion inspiration these heroes have provided me with too! 😉









IMG_6732 (1)

Jacket 1 | Jacket 2 | AllSaints Sweater | Jeans | Booties 1 | Booties 2 (on SALE!!)

Punk Rock Pink

My mom always told me I needed 3 things in my closet: a LBD and 2 bikinis, 1 black and 1 white.

While she may have bought me this little leather vest, she never told me it was necessary.

Let me just tell you…

It is.

It’s perfect for those chilly Autumn days that aren’t quite cold enough for a full-on coat, and it adds just enough bada$$ flare to any girly ensemble you’ve picked out.

I’ve chosen to match it with a pop of hot pink.  The black/pink contrast is a classic and it has me reminiscing about Avril Lavigne’s glory days…but so much cuter, right?

This skirt and necklace combo would be WAY too girly for the tomboy that resides deep inside of me without my little leather vest that packs just the right amount of punk rock punch to make me adore my vibrant hot pink skirt//helps me transition it from summer to fall!

ps, if you need a distraction on this rainy Monday…these suede booties are 20% off and SO comfy!










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“Love You More Than Mostest”

Many of you may be wondering how LivFashionably came to be, and while it’s true that me and my friend Carrie dreamed up this blog our senior year of boarding school, it’s also true that LivFashionably was in training long before this blog came to be.

I love fashion. This is a given, right? But what everyone doesn’t know, is I was blessed to learn from the best–my mom.

Mom passed away two weeks ago, and this was a tough post to write, but after 21 years of love, friendship, and style advice, I figured it was time to give credit where credit was due.

Before I was born, mom and dad had two sons. My poor mom, surrounded by three men, ALL THE TIME…[and now it’s just me, and the same three men…must be payback for me rescuing her so late]. 10 years after my middle brother, I came along, and my parents were so happy! Mom especially–she finally had a partner in crime! And we sure did commit more than a few. Most of which involved shopping, because she made it quite clear early on that there would be no soccer playing, hunting, or paintball shooting for me. I was to be the girl of all girls.  However, growing up with two older brothers, I wanted to be a tomboy with every fiber of my being.  I refused to wear the dresses she bought me, instead I favored t-shirts. At one point, my mom had to steal away all of my hairties to keep me from putting my hair in a ponytail.  I’m not sure at what point that I gave in, but the point is, I did.

Starting when I was 10 years old, mom took me to NYC at least once a year, to shop. She may have used sightseeing as an excuse to get us there, but saying “I saw Lady Liberty” is a very loose phrase.  You better believe I saw everything up close and personal on Fifth Ave. and Diamond District though.

She was always dressed immaculately.  Chanel and Louboutin’s were her favorites, and she was extremely detail-oriented.  You’d never catch her with chipped nail polish, a single rogue hair [meaning grey], and if you had a tag hanging out of your shirt, she’d come to your rescue, whether she knew you or not!

When we’d go shopping, she’d tell me “hurry up,  run the bags upstairs and hide them in the closet before your dad comes home!” The next day when dad went to work, she’d ask me to bring them down, so we could start popping tags, and hang up our new treasures.  When I wore one of these new outfits, dad would ask if it was new, I’d always say “oh no, I’ve had it for a while now.” Dad knew better, but mom would give me a wink of approval anyways.

Dad will be the first to tell you that he learned early on how important shoes were.  He said the first few years they were together, mom would pull out a new dress for Easter, or dinner, and if she didn’t have shoes to match, all hell would break loose.  It didn’t take long for dad to implement a new rule: “DO NOT buy a dress, without buying shoes to match. DO NOT come home with one and not the other.” Mom knew she’d married a smart man, she just didn’t realize how smart…

While fashion among other girly things may have been the basis for the bond I shared with my mom–she was so much more than what you saw on the outside.  She once told me that ever since she was a little girl, she knew she wanted to be a mom, and she was a great one.  She was so proud of me and my brothers, and she loved us so incredibly much.

She told me often that she “loved me more than mostest.” That was our thing.

She also taught me and my brothers three important rules that I hope to teach my children one day.

1. Be Honest, even if what you have to say isn’t what’s popular.

2. Respect, you cannot expect others to respect you if you don’t respect yourself.

3. Self-sufficiency is important.  She never wanted me to have to rely on a husband to make it in this world. I am strong and I am independent, and I owe that to her.

She also valued family above anything else. She never ate dinner without my dad.  I could have been whining in the kitchen about how starving I was, and more than likely she was hungry too, but it didn’t matter.  She would wait to eat until dad got home from work.  She loved my dad with all of her heart, and she honored him the way all wives should honor their husbands.

Even though she’s no longer with us, I am still learning more about who she was every day.  The number of people that have reached out to me and told me how my mom touched their lives is unbelievable.

 She loved to give, and I admire this about her.

I could go on and on about my mom, the amazing woman she was, and the kind of woman she wanted me to be.  I’m still working on the woman I’m slowing growing into, but I think I have the style part down pat, and since I learned from her, I’d say mom would be pretty proud thus far.

Thank you for getting through this with me, and thanks for all of the love and support from my friends and family over the last few weeks–you are all gems!



ps: Thankful for her hair-teasing and makeup tutorials, and reminding me to have fun, always.

pics by….wait for it………my wonderfully talented friend, Carrie Coleman



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What’s Inside Says A Lot About Her

Growing up, my mother would scold my brothers and me for peeking inside her purse. “It’s personal!” She’d say, “You never know what you’ll find when you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong!”

I’m not sure that my nose ever found anything worthwhile, but I do know that my hand found an occasional smack–and a well-deserved one at that!

So here I go, breaking one of mom’s cardinal rules, opening up my most private possession for all to see.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside my bag of choice, AT ALL TIMES.

Habits I Inherited from My Mom

<Key Chain> My dad will be the first to tell you, I’m the worst at keeping up with keys, this furball is easy to spot and super cute!

<Chanel Wallet> A smaller bag that doubles as a wallet and crossbody–if I get tired of lugging around the tote, I can pull out the cross body and have everything I need!

<Sunnies> The sun never sets on a bada$$, right?

<Hairbrush> My personal favorite is the Keratin Complex Vent Brush.

<Chanel Powder> I love a little shimmer and shine, but not the oily kind.

<Lipstick> L’OREAL’s Infallible color, Geranium is my go-to.

<iPhone> Disclaimer: I’m not a poser, I  ‘Eat Cake for Breakfast‘ more often than I should. Oops.

<Gum> Teaberry is a vintage gum that peaked in the 60s…I love the 60s, so I love Teaberry. (They seem to be frequently out of stock online, but I get mine from Cracker Barrel ;P )

<Perfume> Quelques Fleurs is my all-time fave! My mom wore it all the time, so it reminds me of her.

and finally….

<baby nail clippers> Whether it’s a hangnail, long nail, or a rogue thread, you’ll thank me for this one! Also a habit I inherited from my mom, and it’s foolproof!

I’d be interested to know some of your own bag-hacks and tips.



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Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE a pair of patent leather pumps as much as the next girl, but let’s be real…some days, (as in most days), those pumps won’t see the light of day, and it’s my sneaks that rule my world.

Athleisure, the concept where men and women wear athletic clothing outside of the gym, maybe to work, or to the mall, or other social engagements, you know…the million-dollar market that I’ve fallen victim to more times that not.

Remember when it was embarrassing to leave the house in workout clothes and sweats? Hair in a messy bun or hidden under a hat?  With the rise of asthleisure we don’t have to hide under a hat and huge sunnies because we’re ashamed. Now we can be fashionable AND athletic, and leave everyone guessing if went to the gym that morning or, you know, didn’t.

The movement was slow at first, but now, the industry it’s BOOMING….Lulu Lemon and Bandier have made yoga pants the new denim.  And high-end lines such as Cole Haan (teaming up with Nike), Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff and a ton of others embracing this new trend and releasing their own athleisure collections, make it even more difficult to say no.

I mean, the constant innovation of sports bras compared to the classic bra alone, is enough for me to say YES!

That being said, I don’t think this trend is going anywhere any time soon, so embrace it ladies! Give those pumps a rest, lace up a pair of comfy sneaks and call it a day!

Fashion has finally met comfort, and I’m so excited about it!

(ps–the first pair of sneaks I’m wearing are weather-proof and they were my saving grace last winter.)











Hat | Jacket | Sneaks 1 | Sneaks 2 | Scarf | Top | Yoga Pants | Bookbag 1 | Bookbag 2 | Sunnies

photos by: Macon Betts

Sophisticated Schoolgirl

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means party stores stocking their shelves with an overwhelming number of sexy costumes, including age-old “sexy schoolgirl” option–the role that is supposed to be innocent and conservative, because that’s what society and the school handbook tells us, right?

Well I decided to mold my own schoolgirl look, and (**insert Jay Z voice here…) if I do say so myself, it’s pretty kick-butt!

I first paired a super girly, scottish-inspired, wool mini with my army green ( I guess the popular name for this fall is Cypress) Bomber jacket.  It’s the perfect mix of femininity and Tomboy to let the world know you can wear heels and still kick its butt (in style)!



My second look replaces the bomber with a scarf, and has a completely different feel.  This ensemble is great for a date night or an evening round of drinks with your girls after a long day at work.


        IMG_7998 (1)   IMG_7999 (1)

I love pairing a scarf with just about any outfit in the fall, so it’s always nice to show a little variability in the way you rock it, as shown above.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to scarves, but I’ll talk more about that next week.  So stay tuned!!

Women don’t need to play into the innocent/sexy school girl scams. We can be conservative, sophisticated, respectable, and still be sexy.

You do the walking, and let your pointed toe pumps do the talking ladies!

(ps, the pumps are on clearance!!)



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Sangria Please!

October is officially here, and I am beyond excited for a number of different reasons.

First off, it’s the month of birthdays—more importantly, of my two favorite people, my mom and Alex!

Secondly, the basic girl inside of me screams at the site of pumpkin spice (**insert anything here)…lattes, Oreos, beer, pancakes, candles…and the list goes on.

I also love October for its crisp mornings, when I get to throw on a sweatshirt and take Riggins for a walk. While I may dread the act of actually getting out of bed–and so does the pup–there’s just something about starting my day off with him by my side and a cup of coffee in my hand that makes me happy.

And lastly, October means FALL FASHION!!!

Boots! Sweaters! Dark lipsticks! Oh My!!

Since Fall Break begins in TWO DAYS, I thought I’d share one of my favorite fall looks highlighting my go-to fall color, sangria!

Just because fresh fruit disappears from your local grocer, doesn’t mean that sangria has to disappear for good–if you can’t drink it, you may as well wear it–and I am absolutely LOVING my fall version of sangria, compliments of Anthropologie.

If you’re having a bad hair day, tousle your hair with a little salt spray, and hide your roots under a sangria hat. I also love sangria lipstick (I’ve yet to find one that tastes like it, but if anyone knows of one or wants to invent one for me, I’d love you forever).

Sidenote, this sweater is less than $30 at Target and it’s so comfy, you will definitely be seeing more of it!

Like Anne of Green Gables, I am also glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

I’m even more glad that sangria never goes out of style!




Hat | Purse | Choker | Necklace | Shirt | Sweater | Boots |

photos by: Alex Bales

Feed the Positive Dog

In yesterday’s post, I made a promise.  I promised you all that this space would be about more than my closet.  I promised the good, the bad, the ugly, and most of all, my vulnerability.  Oh, and theres one fact I failed to mention in my about section, I don’t make promises that I can’t keep.

As you all may know by now, I’m a Carolina Cheerleader.

When I asked one of my closest friends and teammates, Tyler, what comes to mind when someone says cheerleader and what the stereotypical idea of one is, she replied with, “when I think of what society expects of me I think they want the girl they see on the field every Saturday…the girl who is a trophy in every sense of the word. That girl is smiling, beautiful, fit, and energetic.  they want that person who embodies an image of perfection…” I also asked my boyfriend these questions, and he answered similarly with, “I think society believes that cheerleaders are supposed to be friendly and outgoing.  They are expected to have a smile on their faces at all times.”

I too believe this is what cheerleaders should be.  However, the truth is, that is completely unrealistic and quite frankly an unfair expectation.

When my teammates and me bear the Carolina name on our clothes, whether it’s on the field, court, or in the classroom, we are beaming with joy–that’s our job. If our quarterback throws an interception in the end zone, we immediately turn around and respond with a smile that stretches from ear to ear while yelling “Go Heels!” as we vigorously shake our pompoms. This is what we are trained to do.

I believe this kind of “positivity-training” is exponentially more difficult to master than any physical goal an athlete may set for themselves, whether it’s in the weight room, on the track, field, or beam.  However, this positive training is something all athletes battle with.

While football and basketball fans, and even my peers see me as the happiest girl, forever smiling and bouncing around on and off campus, the truth is, (here’s the vulnerability I promised you) that girl — the one you always see smiling and cheering words of encouragement — it’s not the real me, not yet at least.

If you ask my boyfriend, Alex, my biggest opponent and downfall, is negativity.  I’m terrible at math, I don’t know who I am, or what my purpose in this world is, and I’m scared.  I don’t have the best grades, I’m not always the best friend, sister, or daughter.  Honestly, if you think I’m put together and have it all figured out…wait for it…

You’re wrong!

Alex’s coach gave a book to all of his seniors this year, titled, The Positive Dog, by Jon Gordon. It’s a short, easy read, but it is incredibly encouraging, and after reading just a few pages, it inspired me to set a new goal this year:  Be positive. Period.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but it’s easy for me to be positive and happy when life is good.  It’s when the going gets tough, (like my mom being sick for two years now, when Riggins broke his pelvis two weeks ago, when I practically failed a quiz last week, and every day I wake up, unsure of what I’m going to be when I grow up), that I fall into the never ending cycle of feeding my negative dog.

That’s why this year, I’ve made it my goal to be proactive and to actively seek out happiness and positivity every day.  I’m still battling with my negative dog, but the following methods tend to help me prevail when the going gets tough:

  • Start (almost) every day writing down 5 reasons to be thankful and happy in my journal (still a work in progress)
  • Research articles on happiness and positivity (recently subscribed to Daily Happiness Email series and LOVE it)
  • Look at pictures of cute puppies (My favorites are petsmiles, ToastMeetsWorld, and while Scout Ponder isn’t a dog, she’s pretty cute [and sassy too].)
  • Surround myself with happy friends
  • Exercise (my namaste game is also a constant work in progress)

These methods are not foolproof, and some days I can’t quite escape the negative dog but these 5 methods usually get me moving in the positive direction, (f I can just get over my stubbornness for a few seconds).

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot to be thankful for, we all do.  Some days it’s just difficult to remember that, and I’m so thankful for my friends and family that constantly remind me of the former.

If you have any methods for being your best positive and happy you, I’d love to hear! In the meantime, let’s LivFashionably and continue our day with positive thoughts and vibes.


LivHappiness Planner 9/10