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Jackie Flares

Y’all!!! Flares!! They are back, and I am so happy about it!!

It took me a little while to find the perfect pair (since my legs are so incredibly short), but this pair from Free People was only $78, and I am beyond obsessed.

Since it’s exam week and I’m not exactly inspired to get dressed up, because let’s be honest, who is there to impress in the library? This flare jean and comfy/baggy tee is perfect for day-long study marathons.

I always used to tell my mom I was born in the wrong era.  The late 60s, early 70s…that’s where all the fun happened.  Good music, good fashion, good times all around really. This outfit combo really helps me live out what I wish were my glory days.

Anyways, I can sit here all day and go on about how I wish I was a flower child, but that would be what others refer to as procrastination.  Considering I have an exam tomorrow, I better get back to it.  ONE MORE, before I’m off to Asheville for the weekend to be a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding!! Can’t wait to share the outfits I have planned. [Hint Hint: LOTS and lots of Rose Quartz 😉 ]

Until next time, thank you so much for reading, and happy studying!!





IMG_8780 (1)

Jeans | Top 1, 2, 3(MAJOR SALE)  |  Clogs (SALE) | Cup | Earrings | Bracelet

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Citrus Beyond Summer

Does anyone buy an article of clothing during the summer that you inevitably get super attached to, and then get slightly depressed when fall rolls around and you can no longer wear said favorite article of clothing? Or is that just me?

If you are like me, I have some good news…this citrus skirt was my favorite thing to wear this summer.  Its fall, and I’ve found a way to STILL wear it! YAY!

I don’t know what it is about a touch of leather and a pop of neon but I am loving it lately (remember this?).

The waist of this particular skirt climbs far up past the belly button for a look that is super slimming and very sexy.

I have a secret for y’all. I’m not a Victoria’s Secret model, SURPRISE!!!

I have super short legs and a super short torso, but I love this skirt because it exaggerates my silhouette and makes my legs look long and lean and it appears as if my mid-section is teeny tiny even though I may or may not have binged on Toppers Stix at lunch yesterday, oops!

These leopard fur pumps are also a favorite of mine that you will see me wearing time and time again this season, but I’ll talk more about those and my other favorite fur things later this month! So stay tuned.

I hope everyone is having an awesome and productive week so far. I’m not sure if this sun is here to stay, but Riggins and I sure are taking advantage of it while it lasts.










Skirt | Pumps | Top | Jacket | Bag | Keychain | Necklace | Sunnies

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Boots and Boutiques


Cowgirl Boots


Michael Kors Watch


Moon Collection Romper of Brinkley Hilton Boutique | Charlie 1 Horse Boots | Sunglasses | David Yurman Bracelets | Kate Spade Bangle | Midi Ring | David Yurman Ring | Michael Kors Watch | Michael Kors Crossbody

I know it’s been quite some time since Carrie and I have combined powers and passions, but I am so grateful that she and I were able to reunite our talents and once again be the dynamic duo we were before the whole “fashion blog hiatus” commenced.

Since the last post, so much has changed and so many new variables have sprung up in my life. However, one variable I have been able to rely on most through the ups and downs during my first year of college has been my love for fashion and the friends within my closet doors!

During my first year, I’ve learned the importance of setting yourself a part from the crowd, as well as staying steadfast in your beliefs.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been told, “Liv, stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything!”

Lucky for me, I’ve learned to stand firm in whatever my choice of shoes is for the day, whether it’s a pair of heels, flats, or in this case boots! It’s always a plus to be fashionable while standing your ground right?

Since the last post, I’ve also learned that boutiques tend to have the greatest treasures!  Some are hit or miss, but the Brinkley Hilton Boutique of Jacksonville is an absolute hit! I ran across this romper and thought it was the perfect combination of small town girl meets uber chic. The pattern found on the shoulders is the perfect contrast of carefree trendiness to the rest of the piece being covered in a whimsical lace.

As for accessories, since most of this outfit is centered around tans and browns, we all know I must default to gold accents! No matter how chic, small town or whimsical your outfit may be, gold is a timeless addition to any look!

Take some time to start adventuring into your own small-town boutiques, and see what treasures you stumble upon!

Wherever you discover your hidden treasures, as always, Liv Fashionably!



Hint of Mint

Hat: San Fran | Tank: J. Crew | Skirt: San Fran|  Shoes: Jimmy Choo|  Bag: San Fran | Jewelry: David Yurman, Chan Luu, Michael Kors

For some reason, I just could not pull myself away from maxi skirts this week.  Something tells me I’ll be rocking a lot of these this summer.  The length is perfect for formal attire, and the free flowing feel is great for pretty much anywhere!  Not to mention, mint is SUCH a great color, so refreshing on even the most stressful of days.

spring fever

Tank: J. Crew | Skirt: San Francisco | Shoes: Italy | Bag: Michael Kors | Sunglasses: Chanel | Jewelry: David Yurman, Chan Luu

Spring is definitely on the rise, the pollen and the bugs have been the first to make this clear.  Rain or shine, it’s time to bring out your spring pieces. What are you wearing in this warm weather?

Liv Fashionably.



It’s the weekend

Dress: Abercrombie | Leggings: Target | Purse: Louis Vuitton | Boots: Frye | Sunglasses: Chanel

Enjoy your weekend and of course, Liv Fashionably.




Even though it was a little rainy on this day, my parents and I still did our best to get the most out of this go round.  As many of my friends can vouch, even though I don’t always find ways to channel my inner free-spirit, I wish I was a hippie at heart.  Mostly because I absolutely love the music of that particular time period.  I have a strong belief that music not only says a lot within each particular song, but collectively, many tunes also say a lot about the society in which they were created.  At any rate, since I can’t reincarnate myself as a hippie attending Woodstock, I’ve had to find creative ways to take myself back to the flower child days.

These photos were taken by my lovely father on the corner of Haight and Ashbury, one of the most famous intersections in San Francisco.  At one point, the Haight district was a place that hippies congregated and let their free spirits roam.  However, now the streets are filled with unique boutiques, vintage clothing shops, and second hand stores; not to mention tons of internet cafés and food hot spots.  Even with all these commercial changes, this area of the city has kept true to its roots, where peace and love come first and foremost.

Jeans: Belk | Crochet Top: Belk|  Boots: Western Apparel| Purse: Tory Burch



Out of Office

Shirt: J. Crew Sweater: All Saints Pants: Urban Boots: Frye Purse: Burberry Jewelry: Etsy, Dior, Chan Luu, Michael Kors

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! For those of you traveling the world, may you waste your days away with no regard for time. Who knows what spontaneous adventures you’ll discover! My goal for the week: channel my inner spontaneity and discover all San Francisco has to offer! All while living fashionably of course!



Distressed Denim

Jeans: Primpin’ Diva  | Shirt: Free People  | Boots: Western Apparel  | Tights: Pacsun  | Necklace: Urban  | Bag: Michael Kors

I’m headed to San Francisco for the week!  I hope that everyone on Spring Break stays safe and has tons of fun!

Wherever you find your travels taking you, Liv Fashionably.