About Me

Hello there, I’m Olivia. Or as my friends often call me, Liv.

I’m from Emerald Isle, NC, and it’s safe to say the southern sun, sand, and Atlantic Ocean have my heart. I love to read. My favorite books are The Missing Piece, by Shell Silverstein and any Freakonomics book (nerd alert!). I’m currently working through Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, and it’s pretty fabulous thus far.

I love to write, aspiring author in the works here. I’m forever working on my Faith in Him. I do not talk before 9am, coffee, and a hot breakfast (seriously, don’t try me).

Curiosity drives my spontaneity. Yoga is my lifeline. My goldendoodle, Riggins, is the love of my life!  Daydreaming and sweets are my downfalls. I will forever be in awe at any city skyline, and finally, family is my everything.

I’m obsessed with the love my mom and dad share, (and also how they found it)! I have two older brothers who are basically Dads 2&3. I have three nieces and one nephew, who I adore. While they are my constant reminder to not rush through life, they’re also living proof that I have so much to look forward to.

I created this blog out of my passion for fashion. I love being able to find two totally different things and put them together to create a whole new trend. Hopefully this blog will inspire and encourage you to LivFashionably.



All photos by Carrie Coleman

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