Wearable Blanket

Exam season is upon us in Chapel Hill, and much like the rest of this college town, I’m drowning.  Between football games [yes, our team is still playing!! YAY!], basketball games, preparing for exams, and trying to not let my excitement for the holidays contribute to my inevitable productivity slump…it’s been so difficult to get myself out of bed in the mornings, much less prep myself for blog posts.  Life is tough y’all!

But I’m making time for this particular post because, well, I need a break from the hectic life of a student athlete, and because I hold this segment is close to my heart.

Small businesses, they’re asset to my personal style, and really just a huge part of me.  Being born to two entrepreneurs, I know the time, effort, and grit it takes to go out on a limb and start your own company.  I have a lot of respect for those that can do this at all, successful or not.  However, being successful makes small-business owners that much more legit, and quite frankly, heroes in my book.

When I say small businesses have a major influence on my personal style, I’m referring to boutiques.

The only thing I love more than traveling, is discovering boutiques wherever I travel to.  I adore boutique shopping mostly because whatever I find, it’ll be unique to me. While I’m all about sharing my outfits with y’all…here comes the honestly part I promised you…I love being different.  I thrive off of wearing something that no one else will find because I discovered it in the back of some cute little boutique in Annapolis, or wherever it may be! Granted, I’ll tell you where I found it, but I can’t promise that the same products will be there when you are.

While I adore the green, red, and cream-colored blanket scarves as much as the next girl, I am loving this high-low blanket vest even more!  I found it at Lilac Bijoux, the Annapolis-based boutique I mentioned last week, and I cannot get enough of it!

Walking around Chapel Hill in this thing, I feel like I’m wrapped up in my favorite blanket that is normally set aside for ‘Sex and the City’ binge days…I know you know what I’m talking about.

It’s perfect for those dry shampoo, pony-tail, leggings, and oversized sunnies type of days, to hide from anyone you may run into on the street (as shown below)….aka, my life in the coming weeks.

Since it’s from a boutique, and duplicates are hard to run across sometimes, I’ve linked a few similar options below!

I hope everyone is surviving the exam and pre-holiday madness! Thank you so much for reading.






Vest 1 ON SALE!! , 2, 3  | Earrings

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