Thankful Thursday

So I realized something really pretty cool while preparing for this week’s ‘Thankful Thursday’ post…

Yes, I’m capturing the moment to remind myself that there’s so much in this life that can be considered a blessing, and that’s awesome.  But the part that I’m most excited and happy about, is getting to tell those that I’m sharing a special moment with that I’m especially thankful for them! Something that I’m not very good at, but have made it a goal to work on.

And Thanks to Thankful Thursdays, I’m getting better!

This week, I was thankful for….


My friend Annie.  She is such a joyful person, her smile is so contagious and I’m beyond thankful for her friendship and constant laughter.


Wine and Chipotle, but most of all, sharing it with my friend Alexa.


Teammates that go shopping with me & remind me to act like a kid.


This delicious pre-game meal with my roommate, Edith, and laughing about the night before (Thanks to our other rooms Mad Cav)!


My fellow senior teammates, for making the last four years on the sideline an adventure of a lifetime, especially the cold & rainy nights this year.


My dad.  He only missed 1 home game my entire college career. And considering the circumstances he’s been dealing with for the last two and a half, he deserves a gold metal. The real MVP.


And finally, Alex, for giving me someone to cheer for and drive crazy.  But most importantly, for never saying no to dorky pictures.

Thanks for reading everyone! Happy Friday Eve! 



3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. hlanier57 says:

    Nice Read Liv Ur my HERO !! Dad

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

  2. Patti says:

    Sometimes it’s the little things, Like a smile… Loved your post.

  3. eyefeelshady says:

    Awesome post and go heels!

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