Punk Rock Pink

My mom always told me I needed 3 things in my closet: a LBD and 2 bikinis, 1 black and 1 white.

While she may have bought me this little leather vest, she never told me it was necessary.

Let me just tell you…

It is.

It’s perfect for those chilly Autumn days that aren’t quite cold enough for a full-on coat, and it adds just enough bada$$ flare to any girly ensemble you’ve picked out.

I’ve chosen to match it with a pop of hot pink.  The black/pink contrast is a classic and it has me reminiscing about Avril Lavigne’s glory days…but so much cuter, right?

This skirt and necklace combo would be WAY too girly for the tomboy that resides deep inside of me without my little leather vest that packs just the right amount of punk rock punch to make me adore my vibrant hot pink skirt//helps me transition it from summer to fall!

ps, if you need a distraction on this rainy Monday…these suede booties are 20% off and SO comfy!










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2 thoughts on “Punk Rock Pink

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