Back, Back Again!

To those of you who used to follow along know this space was primarily a fashion blog mixed in with a little creative writing. You may also know I stopped blogging because “life got in the way.”

The good news–the Diva’s back!

The main focus of LivFashionably will continue to be fashion trends and must-haves, but it’s important for me to keep things in perspective. While shopping and dressing up is always fun there’s more to life than what we have in our closets. LivFashionably will be a lifestyle blog about a normal girl (me) navigating her way through life and all of the trials, tribulations, heartbreak, spiritual perplexities (and breakthroughs), as well as food, and of course, shoes, that she tackles every day.

The J.O.B. 

Ha.Ha. Wait, those exist? Kidding! Last summer I worked for a really awesome start-up company called LeighDeux. I explored social media business strategy while learning marketing techniques from the best mentors and entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, pretending to be an adult in the big city had to come to an end. I’m now living the dream as a full-time student, cheerleader, and dog mom in the southern part of heaven, Chapel Hill. (For the record, God’s favorite color IS Carolina Blue, and cheerleading IS a sport. Glad we’ve established that, let’s keep moving!)

I have officially begun my final year of college. I have one more year to be a kid, while working hard to discover the woman I want to be. I hope you find yourselves sharing your own journeys with me, so we can enjoy this crazy life together, and of course, LivFashionably while we’re at it!



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