Opposite Attraction

BlackDress+Blazer-1 BlackDress+Blazer-10 BlackDress+Blazer-7 BlackDress+Blazer-4 BlackDress+Blazer-11

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If there’s one fashion rule that every woman should abide by, it’s that you should always have a little black dress on deck.  It is such a classic look and so versatile, depending on your choice of accessories.

For this segment, I chose to play the opposite card, starting with the contrast of black and white.

Forget the boring pant suits that aren’t always flattering.  With this white blazer, this little black dress is perfect for a day at the office and everyone is sure to know that you mean business!

When the nightlife comes alive, ditch the blazer, and uncover the sassy black dress beneath. You’ll have a brand new look on your hands that is sure to make you the life of the party!

In order to spice things up, add a pop of color to your look, like this embroidered clutch.  With a touch of neon, you’ll be the wildcard that keeps the onlookers guessing.

As the age-old saying goes, opposites attract.  And this sassy business combination is no exception.

Whatever opposites you find yourselves attracted to, as always, Liv Fashionably!



One thought on “Opposite Attraction

  1. […] addition to the little black dress from this segment, every southern woman should own a classic white […]

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