Nostalgic Neons

Dress: Alice and Trixie  | Shoes: Jimmy Choo  Purse: Marc Jacobs  | Earrings: Atlantic Beach Surf Shop  | Watch:  Anne Klein |Gold Bangle: Kate Spade

I cannot believe it has been over two months since graduation, and Summer’s end is quickly closing in on us!  Remember when I mentioned that Carrie Coleman and myself would no longer be working together? Well, let’s be honest, we all know that was an extremely outrageous statement, not to mention highly unrealistic! The dynamic duo was reunited, and what a great reunion it was; filled with good food, great chatter, and of course a successful photo shoot!!

Since graduation, I’ve spent my days lounging on a beach in Tahiti, swimming with dolphins and mingling with the island’s natives, learning everything there is to know about my desired success with respect to the journey I am about to embark on…college.

Okay, so maybe I haven’t been visiting foreign lands, or submerging myself in other cultures, but I have been on college information overload! In between visiting with friends, attending numerous orientation seminars that quite frankly would make anyone in attendance gouge their eyes out, one thing has been constant, my nostalgic memories of where I have spent my last three years.  Of course, they all told me (more like warned me) not to wish the days away.  They told me to enjoy the company of those surrounding me, and take advantage of every opportunity placed in front of me. Yet, as everyone tends to do, I wished my days away, and sometimes, regretfully, even the wonderful people that surrounded me.  Now that high school is over, and college is soon to begin, I can only hope to do exactly the opposite: Seize the day! Love the company I am with! And as someone very close to my heart once said, “Never Forget who you are and what you believe in.”

In the midst of new adventures, and times filled with Nostalgic memories, wherever you find yourself, as always, Liv Fashionably



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