Even though it was a little rainy on this day, my parents and I still did our best to get the most out of this go round.  As many of my friends can vouch, even though I don’t always find ways to channel my inner free-spirit, I wish I was a hippie at heart.  Mostly because I absolutely love the music of that particular time period.  I have a strong belief that music not only says a lot within each particular song, but collectively, many tunes also say a lot about the society in which they were created.  At any rate, since I can’t reincarnate myself as a hippie attending Woodstock, I’ve had to find creative ways to take myself back to the flower child days.

These photos were taken by my lovely father on the corner of Haight and Ashbury, one of the most famous intersections in San Francisco.  At one point, the Haight district was a place that hippies congregated and let their free spirits roam.  However, now the streets are filled with unique boutiques, vintage clothing shops, and second hand stores; not to mention tons of internet cafés and food hot spots.  Even with all these commercial changes, this area of the city has kept true to its roots, where peace and love come first and foremost.

Jeans: Belk | Crochet Top: Belk|  Boots: Western Apparel| Purse: Tory Burch



One thought on “Free-Spirited

  1. gedudley12 says:

    I FREAKING LOVE YOU. You are gorgeous and your style is rockin. This is a fabulous outfit.

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