Save Me San Francisco

Jacket: J. Crew Shirt: Urban Pants: American Eagle Boots: Belk Bag: Chanel Watch: Michael Kors Jewelry: David Yurman, Chan Luu

As I mentioned here, I have left for San Francisco this week and on my first day in the city, I decided to be the typical tourist and stop at all the famous landmarks that San Francisco is known for some of which being Alcatraz,  Lombard St., and of course, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Since Carrie did not come with me, I’ve been left to find other ways to get photos of my outfits.  Of course, my sweet dad was more than happy to take part and do all that he could to help; but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this trip so far, it’s that timing is everything.

While dad was snapping pictures in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, a nice man offered to take a picture of mom, dad, and myself.  As dad proceeded to tell him about my fashion blog, and how he was just filling in for my usual, wonderful photographer, the man revealed to us that his wife was a professional photographer!!! Can you believe it?  So I’d like to give a HUGE thank-you to Beth DeRouen for being so willing to share her talents and take these pictures for me.  As you can see, she was able to capture some magnificent shots.  However, as I had mentioned earlier, timing really is everything.  If our cab driver had been stopped at one more red light, we would have missed the opportunity to meet the lovely Beth, and none of you would have had the opportunity to experience her obvious talent.

You never know who you might meet while traveling.




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